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Reunions for families and friends, team-building courses, tours and hikes

Are you a château person or a hiker, a biker, or into good food or museums? From Le Moulin Vollach, you can do it all! Discover vineyards, lakes, mountains or visit towns and villages. On either bank of the Rhine, the landscapes are surprisingly diverse. In Germany, just over the border, there's the Europapark amusement park, the Caracalla Spa in Baden Baden, the unspoilt Black Forest (among other attractions).

Only 10 minutes from Le Moulin Vollach, set in lovely Alsatian countryside, the ROYAL PALACE is now recognised as one of the greatest Music Halls in France. Each year, it attracts thousands of people who come to enjoy a show worthy of the very best Parisian revues.

And don't forget the Musée LALIQUE in Wingen sur Moder (15 minutes from Le Moulin Vollach). René Lalique began as an apprentice to the jeweller Aucoc in 1876 and, a few years later, was supplying some of the great names in jewellery such as Jacta, Boucheron, Cartier and Gariod. Horn, ivory, semi-precious stones, enamel, glass. His pendants, brooches and necklaces are among the most typical of the Art Nouveau style. It was Emile Gallé, a famous French master glass maker, ceramist and cabinet maker, who called him the inventor of modern jewellery.

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